In the daily routine of a busy Technical Department, challenging projects out of vessels’ scheduled dry-docks are inevitable. Such works require unique treatment in order to minimize the risk involved, likelihood of delays and unforeseen circumstances. Detailed planning, field experience, ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking ensures a smooth and seamless outcome to all our Clients.

Our afloat and anchorage repair arm is covering the most congested anchorages worldwide. Our attending technicians and service engineers shelter a wide range of qualifications, from cleaners to cryogenic engineers, provide all kind of simple or specialized works, from fuel tanks cleaning to rudder stock thermal stress release treatment; from M/E overhauling and timing to lost anchor replacement works; from new piping and cabling system installation and commissioning to in situ machining or grinding of bearings, shafts, cranes foundation. Engineering worksinvolved are also performed in house, case
by case. Having a plethora of options, we can guarantee to our Clients top quality while effectively optimizing the cost.

Tracing solutions ashore, Interyards is exclusively representing workshops in Far East, providing specialized reconditioning or fabrication works or various mechanical specialization such as re-chroming, casting, annealing, skimming. Preserving a small share into trading sector, we can provide direct line to makers and warehouses seeking big spares, second hand equipment, software and hardware onboard monitoring systems.