Through years of commitment in providing consultancy services, our Company has established long-standing and mutually beneficial relationships and collaborations with most of the Greek shipping companies, many of which are considered as leading ship management and insurance companies worldwide.

1982 – Interyards (ex. Technomecanics) was founded back in 1982 by Dimitrios Vassiliou and George Sitinas, both Naval Architects with vast field experience in ship repairs. At that time, Shipyard representation and ordinary repairs surveillance formed the core business.

1990s – During the 90s the shiprepair coverage was enriched, covering Europe – which was at that time the central pillar of ship repairs – Africa and at the late 90s the upcoming Asia.

1991 & 1996Interyards was awarded as Top Agent by their Principals

2001 – Company’s milestone when merger with Intermodal took place in 2001. Technomecanics and Intermodal’s repair branch was merged and form Interyards which with the proved synergy, the combined international alliances and the integrated policy boosts Interyards to the highest standards.

Nowadays, Interyards, based at the centre of Greek Shipping community in Piraeus, having more than 30 years of experience as an active self-improved and self-motivated part of the market, is handling all kind of ship repairs, either inside shipyards or at anchorage, both afloat and underwater acting either as agent or consultant or Owner representative.