Knowledge share

The work you will be involved in will have a direct effect and impact on business and the shipping community as a whole. You will be given the opportunity to work close to some of the leading professionals in their respective fields learning from their skills, knowledge and experience and combine this with your own talents, in order to better tackle some of the industry’s most interesting challenges and provide novel ways of thinking amongst your peers. This ongoing training, development and mentoring throughout your career with us will in turn allow you to better shape your talents and abilities while giving you access to some of the highest influential people in the industry will allow you to become one of the top professionals in your field. The close co-operation with a wide variety of individuals with different professional and knowledge backgrounds that you will experience at Interyards, will allow you to develop a more global understanding of the Industry giving you the chance to better understand your core business focus and equip you with a needed and highly sought after tool set to better tackle your everyday operations with a novel way of thinking. Being a business were high importance is placed on people skills, we commit in both helping your improve not only the way you will approach and deal with your clients and associates but also allow you the essence of effective negotiations and true meaning of being a consultant and much valued contact to others in the industry.

Professional Development

At Interyards we believe that it’s vital for people to be able to grow as professionals, while giving them all the resources for them to be in control of their own learning and career development. We put vital importance in performance reviews and planning your career course through full use of self-assessments and peer feedback back throughout your everyday operations. Our open-plan work space gives a high opportunity for close co-operations with people from your own department as well as professionals from other fields, giving you a wide scope of understanding of all our fields of operations and how they can better interact to provide the highest added-value to yourself as well as the whole of the team. We provide full resources and opportunities to best review and provide your own feedback, while we always keep an open mind and take note of opinions no matter where they may come from. Your career development needs and the actions that will help you meet them are often tackled through formal/informal meetings, team work assignments, special projects, mentoring and committee participation, while our constant work reviews over the year make sure that your career goals are being met. At the same time, mentoring is a core part of our investment in personal professional development, and we run an in-house mentoring scheme to ensure that this goal for continual learning and development remains in practice and effective.